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Angular 2 hands on

Past couple of weeks I work around with Angular 2 project, just past 2 week they announced for 3 release (2.0.0-rc.2, 2.0.0-rc.3 and today 2.0.0-rc.4 ) here is

If someone want to starting with Angular 2 maybe you can watch this video on #io16 they talk about Angular 2 and it has a lot of features and tools

So I start with Angular CLI (scaffolding) and found it quite easy. but it come up with the question.


If I want to run this project it real world and need to separate deployment environment development and production. How I need to do?


After googling it, webpack can help you. webpack is module that have a lot of power to help building the project. for Angular project you can find here

webpack can set configuration to handle environment and build command. This way you can set scripting to separate environment on remote CI server.

Next, I want to create web application that support server/client render. What I need to do?

Check Angular Universal and come up with example universal-starter.

For me. If decide to using Angular 2 (today) You need to know and prepare for changes from angular team. It can cause impact with your codebase.

But I think if we know this. Just keep in mind, be careful when you design structure or design architecture on your application. It can help to avoid breaking application from the changes.

My starting project. angular2-starter and universal-starter available on github.


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